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News and Current Events in the Central Asian States


Kazakhstan map, showing Astana, the Kazakh capital city, and parts of other Central Asian nations
Mongolia map, showing UlaanBaatar, the capital city, and other Mongolian cities
Tajikistan map, showing Dushanbe, the capital city, and parts of adjoining nations in Central Asia
The nations of Central Asia include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia, as well as Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.  For more news and official information about these nations, visit the national government websites listed below.

The Republic of Kazakhstan's capital city is Astana, and its national currency is the Tenge.  The primary language of Kazakhstan is Kazakh, and in 2020, the nation's estimated population was 18,776,707.

The Kyrgyz Republic's capital city is Bishkek, and its national currency is the Som.  The primary languages of Kyrgyzstan are Kyrgyz and Russian, and the country's estimated population in 2020 was 6,524,195.

Mongolia's capital city is Ulaanbaatar, and its currency is the Tugrug.  Khalka Mongolian is the primary language of Mongolia, and in 2020, Mongolia's population was estimated at 3,278,290.

The Republic of Tajikistan's capital city is Dushanbe, and its official currency is the Somoni.  Tajik, Uzbek, and Russian are commonly used languages in Tajikistan, and in 2020, the estimated population of Tajikistan was 9,537,645.

Turkmenistan's capital city is Ashgabat, and its national currency is the Manat.  The primary languages of Turkmenistan are Turkmen, Russian, and Uzbek, and its estimated 2020 population was 6,031,200.

The Republic of Uzbekistan's capital city is Tashkent, and its currency is the Sum.  The primary language of Uzbekistan is Uzbek, and its estimated population in 2020 was 33,469,203.

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